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A driver in Davao: Heed your parents

He’s been driving cabs for years now, traversing the streets of Davao City to make a living. He said it isn’t at all bad, as he makes a living while meeting different kinds of people.

Nakatuon ganahan (I learned to like it),” he said. This is also because of necessity, since he has a family to support, having married early.

And so now, “pirmi sultian akong anak nga dili magdali (I tell my kid not to rush),” he said. “Dili mag-focus sa pagpalami lang kay paghuman ana, lisod mubuhi ug pamilya (Not to focus only on gratification because after that, you’d realize it isn’t easy to raise a family).”

In fact, if there’s a lesson he can share to the young, it is to “listen to your parents,” he laughed, then added wryly: “Ako, wala naminaw; mao na, naglisod (Me, I didn’t listen to my parents; so I had a hard time).”

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