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Gladys of Kidapawan: Be open to changes

Gladys, 24, only started working in a cafe/resto/bar in Kidapawan City a few months ago, originating from Mlang, a small municipality in North Cotabato. She doesn’t earn much, only approximately P180 per day. She spends at least under P2,000 per month for her housing, which doesn’t leave her a lot for anything else.

But Gladys isn’t one to complain, saying she’s “okay lang pud, mabuhi man gihapon (it’s also okay as I also survive).”

If she can give an advise to others who leave in far-flung areas as she used to, it’s to be open to changes.

Dili man kinahanglan mubalhin (You don’t need to move),” she said, “pero okay pud muadto sa ubang lugar – makakuha ug laing experience, maka-ila-ila ug ubang tawo. Ma-open inyo kalibutan (but it’s also okay to go to other places – you get new experiences, meet new people. Your world will open up).”

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