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Grilled ‘saging’

If you are in Mindanao, try another way of preparing banana que/cue – i.e. via grilling.

Various regions in the Philippines prep their food in different ways, so much so that even foods with similar names won’t necessarily be the same when you go to various locations. A good – and I’d say classic – example is the banana que/cue, which is basically banana (of the saba variety) prepped and then served after being skewered on a bamboo stick.

As an FYI:
The “que” or “cue” comes from shortened version of BBQ.

But due to the different ways the banana is prepped, this could be a misnomer.

In various parts of Metro Manila, for instance, the banana is not barbecued but deep fried and then coated in caramelized brown sugar; and then it is skewered before being sold.

Now, if you are in Mindanao, try another way of preparing banana que/cue – i.e. via grilling.

Here, a ripened saba is skewered, and then grilled. It doesn’t take long to cook the banana, just a few minutes per side. Afterwards, it is wiped with margarine, and then patted with white sugar.

Pro tips:
1. When buying, try to order one that isn’t too ripe (as it could be pasty) or too raw (as it could be hard).
2. Ask for margarine to be used sparingly, otherwise it will be oily.
3. Have the banana wrapped in paper to remove excess oil.
4. If a banana is burned, just peel off the burned part. It could still be eaten, though at times, you may taste the bitter taste of it being burned.
5. Eat warm as the banana (sort of) hardens when cold.

Selling from P5 per banana in provinces (more if in cities), these are must-try when visiting Mindanao. At least you can say you’ve tried local eating… – SPECIAL THANKS TO MARK ANGELO C. TAN

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