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MM Gamay: ‘Learn to accept what life gives you’

Living at the foot of Mt. Apo, MM Gamay was only in her early 20s when she had her first child. It was – she admitted – something that happened because of her impatience. She did not know what to do with her life, she said, and “murag ma-minyo man ang next step (marrying appeared like the next step).”

Not, mind you, that she regrets having her child, seeing her son as a “ginikanan sa gugma (source of love).”

There is also this acceptance “nga dawaton unsang ihatag sa imoha sa kinabuhi (accept what life gives you).”

Nonetheless, and since she acknowledged that she rushed herself into marriage, she also knows that her rushing somewhat limits her. “Kung mulihok ko karon, huna-hunaon pirmi ang bata (Now, when I do things, I always have to consider my child),” she said.

But MM Gamay isn’t giving up on her dreams. In fact, her status is what’s driving her to want to do more, and to be more. “Mu-trabaho tingali sa ubang nasod (Perhaps work overseas/in another country),” she said. “Tigom lang ug pang-proseso (Just save first for the expenses to process my application).”

And it is when she thinks of wanting to have a better life that she thinks back; when “naminaw unta kay Mama nga dili ma-minyo’g dali (when I should have listened to my Mom not to have married early).” A lesson that she hopes to teach her child as she eyes to “siguraduhong maayo iyang kahimtang (make sure he has a good life).”

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