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The world’s worst chicken ever is in Davao City – NOT!

Reverse psychology. Of course that’s what this place in Davao City is trying to achieve with its very name; over-stating the “bad” if only to make you try its various offerings. Fortunately particularly for all those who’ve tried these offerings, the name is just that – a name – what with the food here really, REALLY good. So that, yes, the name ought to get your attention; but what’s in store for you when you eat it will be what will make you ‘lamon’ (eat voraciously) and keep coming back.

Welcome to Lyndon’s World’s Worst Ribs & Awful Chicken (Plus your Rubbish Seafoods).


Located somewhere along Roxas Blvd. (which made the headlines not-too-recently when a bomb exploded there), Lyndon’s is but a karinderya (eatery) – that is, this place isn’t fancy. Instead, when there, expect to see wooden tables and monoblocs, typical of local eateries. Sans airconditioning, the place can get humid particularly when filled to the brim…

Because it isn’t at all fancy, people here dress down – e.g. expect diners to be mixed, those still in office uniforms and those wearing slippers/flip-flops, basketball shorts, sandos/sleeveless shirts, and so on.

The waiting staff is… normal. Don’t expect lots of chitchats; they’re just there to take your orders, deliver the same, then clean up after you. Some can be friendly (e.g. they’d recommend bestsellers), but since the place can get too busy, this extra-friendliness isn’t something they give away abundantly/freely.


But if you’re more keen on what you’d actually shove down your mouth (than just with appearances), then Lyndon’s is definitely a place to go to…

The “horrible” offerings abound in the menu – e.g. Tasteless Pancit Canton and Tasteless Bihon Guisado (noodles at P200 each), Han’s Horrible Spicy Mechado (P120), Lhyt’s Awful Grilled Chicken (P95 for a quarter size), and Disgusting Tilapia (from P40).

We’ve tried:

  • Leonardo’s Rubbish Kaldereta (using goat meat, P120) – the serving isn’t that big (maybe good for one or two people), and some of the meat can be chewy, but the sarsa (sauce) has that peppery taste that stays in the mouth, so this is worth a try.
  • Lami na Papaitan (again using goat meat, P60) – again, the serving isn’t big, but the bitter is just right (that is, it doesn’t taste “dirty”/shitty, as some papaitan could); best when eaten with rice.
  • Lyndon’s Worst Ribs (from P185) – one of the bestsellers, this is quite sweet, as ribs tend to be; but with the meat literally falling off the bones, this is mouthwatering.
  • Fish Be With You (fish soup, P228) – good because, to start, the fish used is fresh, the serving is big, and it isn’t all-too-sour so it’s not at all overpowering.
  • Chopsuey (P200) – with veggies that aren’t overcooked, this one’s a good addition to a meal in need of some greenies.
  • Lyla’s Awful Whole Fried Chicken (P250; MAIN PHOTO) – now if ever there is a reason for you to come here, THIS is it, with the secret marinade seeping through the chicken meat so that every mouthful is mouth-watering and… herb-y.


Davao City has numerous places where you can grab something good to eat – e.g. heck, it even have places where the “best” that ought to be found in other areas can instead be found here (say, tuna offerings that can be better than those in GenSan, the country’s “Tuna Capital”). Exactly because it has a lot going for it, making a name as an eatery can be hard.

And this is why Lyndon’s is a place worth mentioning (and visiting). Because sans the effect/drama/insinuations of its name, this place’s offerings ought to be tried, and tried, and tried…

Lyndon’s World’s Worst Ribs & Awful Chicken (Plus your Rubbish Seafoods) is located at 740 Roxas Ave., 8000 Davao City. For more information, contact Lyndon Dabon at 09189087123 or 09228257123.

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